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Landing Page Conversion Rates (7 Proven Tips to Sky Rocket Them)

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Want to know how to build amazing money making landing pages?

If yes, then stick around.

If your page isn't right, you could be missing out on revenue and important business leads.

That's why you need to know how to create a landing page that converts.

In this post I'm going to outline some top tips to build high converting landing pages.

So let's get stuck in!

How to Calculate Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

Landing page conversion rates are simple to calculate.

You just need two easy to find bits on information;

  1. The number of people who visited your landing page

  2. The number of people that converted on your landing page

Divide the number of people who converted by the number of people who visited and multiply the result by 100. And that's it!

So say for example that 1,500 people have visited your page (in your chosen date range) and 300 of those people have converted.

300 ÷ 1,500 = 0.2

0.2 x 100 = 20

So the conversion rate for your landing page would be 20%. Which is impressive!

But that's all hypotheticals.

Which leads us to this...

How to Increase Your Landing Page Conversion Rates

A poorly optimised landing page is a massive missed opportunity.

Why waste time and money sending traffic to your pages if they don't convert?

Follow the tips below to build a top converting landing page.

1. Create a Clear Headline

When someone lands on your website, often the first thing they'll see is your headline.

landing page headline example

Your headline is the perfect chance to catch the attention.

Make sure it's engaging and reflects your offer clearly.

2. Write Clearly and Concisely

Don't try and stuff your page with too much confusing copy.

Having a wall of text thrusted in your face isn't a great first impression.

So make your landing page copy short, sharp, easy to read and to the point.

If you're having trouble writing your copy, try using Hemmingway.

hemmingway app example

This handy copywriting app allows you to copy and paste your prospective text into it.

It then highlights sentences that could be made simpler and gives suggestions of alternative words or phrases to use.

Give it a try yourself!

3. Create a Clear Call to Action Button

You don't want your users searching high and low find where to take action.

Check out some proven call to action button optimisation techniques below;

  1. Use strong command verbs like "buy", "shop" and "order".

  2. Use 'power' words provoke an emotive response

  3. Include a USP

  4. Create a fear of missing out (FOMO)

  5. Be creative

  6. Use numbers (this can boost engagement by 36%!)

  7. Use contrasting colours

4. Present a Clear Proposition

The best converting sales landing pages are easy to understand.

To ensure your proposition is crystal clear, highlight the issue your user might have and provide the answer.

If you're struggling to present a clear proposition for your landing page, have a think about the questions below;

  • What is your offer?

  • Why or how will it benefit the user?

  • What action do you want the user to take?

If you can give answers to the above questions in a clear and concise way, you're on to a winner!

5. Use Simple Designs

Less is definitely more.

Don't clutter your landing page with too many elaborate creatives and imagery.

Insurance experts Cuvva do an excellent job.

cuvva landing page example

They utilise 'white space' to great effect, outline the benefits of their service and have a clear call to action button.

You can see another high converting sales page example from Airbnb;

airbnb landing page example

Notice the complete lack on page clutter. Your eye is immediately drawn to a simple, yet very effect call to action button too.

A slick, clean design does absolute wonders for improving landing page conversion rates!

6. Include Important Content Above the Fold

Content prioritisation is key to a great landing page.

You want to show the user all the information they need, without having to scroll to far.

Prioritising quality, keyword targeted content above the fold is also important for keyword ranking and driving organic traffic.

If you de-prioritise content below the fold, search engines will also de-prioritise that content.

It's important to remember that 'viewable' content is given more weighting, so it makes sense to prioritise all your important stuff above the fold.

7. Leverage the Power of Social Proof

Social proof establishes trust with your customers and acts as a positive type of peer pressure.

The most common form of social proof are customer testimonials.

These type of testimonials can have a huge impact on average landing page conversion rates and are very persuasive.

Social proof adds credibility to your service and sends positive trust signals.

CRM software company Pipedrive uses customer testimonials fantastically on their homepage.

pipeline social proof example


Building an effective landing page can be a daunting prospect.

But with the tips and techniques outlined above you're well equipped to create top converting landing pages.

Try some of the landing page optimisation tips above yourself and let me know how you get on in the comments below!

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