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Football Managers in Everyday Office Jobs

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Have you ever thought about what line of work Football managers would be in if they weren't busy managing some of the biggest stars on the planet?

We take a look at some of the managers leading their teams out at the World Cup and others and match them up with their perfect office job.

gareth southgate

Name: Gareth Southgate

Place of Birth: Watford, England

Age: 47

Manages: England

Office Job Title: HR Manager

Southgate wasn't everyone's cup of tea when first appointed. But calls of him being a 'yes man' and that he lacked a certain pedigree have now mostly been stifled.

Southgate is a calm and relaxing figure, taking criticisms and possible scandals in his stride.

On the England team leak pictures, Southgate dealt with it with his usual diplomatic aplomb.

"Obviously any time, if we were to give the opposition the opportunity of having our team it’s a disadvantage to us. So of course our media has to decide if they want to help the team or not."

Any other personality would quite likely have stuck the knife in, not Southgate though. For this reason he'd make the perfect guy to head up HR.

The HR Manager needs to be calm, diplomatic and objective. Rather than making snap decisions, he looks at the bigger picture to solve problems and ensure everyone gets on swimmingly.

Heimir Hallgrímsson

Name: Heimir Hallgrímsson

Place of Birth: Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland

Age: 51

Manages: Iceland

Office Job Title: Office Manager

The role of office manager can often be overlooked in the work place, but without them things can completely fall apart.

Most office managers also regularly have an abundance of different things they need to do on a daily basis. Organising calendars, ordering stationery and arranging work trips are just a few things on their plates.

It's for the above reason we've chosen Heimir to be our office manager. Regardless of whether it's at a small business or an international firm, multi tasking and being able to juggle jobs is a necessity.

Not only has he thrust Icelands national team onto the world stage, he's also a part time dentist back in his homeland.

pep guardiola

Name: Pep Guardiola

Place of Birth: Santpedor, Spain

Age: 47

Manages: Manchester City

Office Job Title: Lead Developer

Widely regarded as one of the most innovative coaches in Europe, Pep is the perfect choice for the Lead Developer role.

He ticks all the boxes for the traits needed. An eye for detail, technical skills, business acumen and of course great communication and leadership.

Yes Guardiola has always been given the tools (and budget) to see his teams head to world dominance, leading to heated debates on platforms like Twitter about just how good a manager he really is...

But, he consistently makes his squads better.

Through detailed and innovative training sessions to excellent man management and motivation, Pep Guardiola is our new Lead Developer.

arsene wenger

Name: Arsène Wenger

Place of Birth: Strasbourg, France

Age: 68

Manages: Currently Out of Work

Office Job Title: Learning & Development Manager

Nicknamed "Le Professeur" by the British media, which translates as "The Teacher", Wenger is the perfect choice for the role of Learning & Development Manager.

His studious demeanour makes him the ideal candidate to help up skill employees and oversee development training courses.

alex ferguson

Name: Alex Ferguson

Place of Birth: Glasgow, Scotland

Age: 76

Manages: Retired

Office Job Title: CEO

Ferguson's reign at Manchester United was legendary. Appointed as manager in 1986, he built the club from the ground up to turn them into the biggest club in the world. From youth development to club ethos, Fergie had an impact on everything.

Not only did he nurture the club to greatness, he also wasn't afraid to make tough decisions, like selling David Beckham to Real Madrid in 2003.

His mixture of developmental qualities, leadership and stubbornness make him the perfect candidate for the role of CEO.



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