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6 Ways To Keep Your Creative Juices Flowing At Work

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Some of the world's most successful visionary's have creativity flowing through their core.

creative thinking

Sure, creative thinking doesn't always come naturally.

But, it can play an integral part in your day to day work life. From planning the next project to thinking up ways to market your business. Ensuring your creative juices are always flowing can really help your productivity.

Thankfully, there are a number of small, but significant changes you can make in your daily work routine to ensure the creative tap never runs dry.

Start Your Morning Right

Don't skip breakfast.

There's always a temptation to sneak in an extra few minutes in bed in favour of a nutritious start. But skipping the most important meal of the day, or opting for sweet indulgences over healthy alternatives, can leave you sapped for energy before your day has even begun.

eating a healthy breakfast

Try to stock up on fruits, grains and dairy to start your day right. A good bowl of porridge with fruit or nuts can be the perfect energy boost and keep you going until lunch time.

Eating breakfast replenishes essential nutrients and glucose levels which drop overnight. So not only do you go to work without your stomach rumbling, it always gets your energy levels up and wakes up your mind.

Cut Down On Caffeine

There's absolutely nothing wrong with a caffeine kick every so often. But too much tea or coffee can end up having the opposite effect.

try drinking herbal tea

To avoid the risk of a caffeine crash, give green or herbal tea a go. These alternatives can give you a longer lasting energy surge when you need it most and help boost your brain power in a more natural way.

Stay Organised

A busy schedule and an even bigger work load can leave you feeling drained. When your day looks insurmountable it can have a telling effect on your energy levels and creativity.

To get round this, try making a to-do list at the start of each day. List your tasks and projects in order of priority so you know what needs tackling first.

make a to do list to stay organised

The advantage of scribbling things down is that often you surface even more ideas and it gets your creative flow down on paper.

Keep On Moving

Staying in the same space or position for long periods of time can stifle your creativity and energy levels.

stretch or keep moving to stay focused

To help stimulate concentration and battle against fatigue, try having a stretch or short walk to break up your day. Movement helps to increase blood flow, which helps to break through feelings of fatigue.

Take A Screen Break

Most of us spend at least a couple of hours each day staring at a computer screen. Now this can't be helped, our jobs entail this.

But screen fatigue can make you sluggish and disrupt your creative flow.

Opticians recommend the 20/20 rule. Every twenty minutes, take twenty seconds to look away from your screen. This helps to give your eyes the chance to recover regularly.

Embrace The Rays

The sun puts a spring in your step, it's a fact!

So, whenever there's sunshine try and take advantage of it.


Many modern offices these are open plan with large windows, but nothing beats getting outside and feeling the rays on your skin.

Exposure to sunshine (safely) can release endorphins making you feel happy and positive.

Happiness and positivity can be the gateway to fantastic, creative ideas!



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