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How to Get More Twitter Followers: 6 Quick and Completely Free Techniques

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Want to learn how to get more followers on Twitter for free?

It's really pretty simple.

Harnessing the power of Twitter can be a great way to increase your brand awareness and spread your message to prospective customers.

Unfortunately, you see so many brands and accounts under-utilising the tools at their disposal.

Much like becoming an skilled seo consultant, the opportunity to become a social media whiz is right at your finger tips!

Using the right Twitter marketing strategies, you can grow your Twitter profile and get more followers fast in a relatively small time frame.

Want to find out just how to get more Twitter followers like a social media pro?

Keep on reading to learn proven ways on how to get more Twitter followers instantly and completely free of charge!

1. Tag People in Your Twitter Photos

An incredibly under-utilised Twitter marketing tip for small businesses, tagging influencers and prospective customers in your tweet’s photos can be a fantastic way to get your content in front of people.

Simply compose your tweet, add a photo, click “who’s in this photo” and then just search for the accounts of those you want to tag.

twitter marketing photo tagging

I would always recommend researching accounts before tagging them to ensure they’re active and engage with other accounts.

You don’t want to waste a tag on an account that’s highly unlikely to interact with you.

2. Twitter Hashtag Research

It sounds obvious, but you’d be amazed at the amount of people you see on twitter with underperforming and under optimised hashtag usage.

Hashtags play a massive part in the process of getting more Twitter followers.

hashtag research

With only 140 characters to get your message across and gain maximum exposure, you don’t want to waste space on hashtags that just won’t cut the mustard. It’s simple and quick enough to spot the right hashtags to use.

First things first, use Twitter’s own interface to spot strong potential hashtags that are used on a frequent basis.

Here at First Curve Digital, we specialise in helping small and new businesses grow online, so researching terms around that niche is a good place to start.

After a couple of searches, we can see that “#smallbusiness”, “#SME” (micro, small and medium-sized enterprises) and “#SMB” (small and medium-sized business) are used consistently and frequently.

twitter marketing hashtag research

Depending on how much space you have left in your tweet, use the relevant hashtags that are being used the most in your tweet.

These are fairly top level terms that should gain some healthy reach in a short space of time, but there’s no harm in digging a little deeper to find some more gems!

3. Create a Targeted Twitter List

Another one of the lesser known ways to promote your small business on Twitter.

Creating a list of targeted users can be an easy way to get more twitter followers.

As well as letting people know you’re interested in their content (they will receive a notification when you add them to a list), twitter lists are a great way to segment and organise the people you follow.

To create a list, navigate to your profile page, click on your profile icon and select ‘Lists’.

twitter marketing creating a list

Then click ‘Create new list’ and give your list a name and a description.

twitter marketing creating a list

If you want to use lists to gain twitter followers, always ensure to make your list ‘Public’, this way, people will always receive notifications when they have been added.

A great first list to create would be something along the lines of ‘Influencers’.

Add all the leading individuals and companies in your chosen sector and low and behold, you have them all in one place and all their tweets at your fingertips!

4. Follow Your Influencers and Competitor’s Followers

Sometimes it’s the most simple of techniques that prove to be the most successful!

If you are on twitter, there’s a very large chance your competitors are too, so why not tap into their following?

Say you are an independent outdoor clothing retailer for example. It stands to reason that those who follow the likes of Cotswold Outdoors and Go Outdoors are quite likely to be interested in what you have to offer too!

This same logic applies to key industry influencers too, so give it a go and get following.

It's one of the simplest small business twitter marketing tricks to use!

5. Like Relevant Tweets

It’s easy to tap into conversations and themes around your chosen niche on Twitter.

Liking relevant tweets from your industry provides a great ‘soft touch’ technique to make yourself known to prospective customer’s and other influencers.

To find the most relevant tweets to ‘like’, navigate to Twitter’s search bar and start searching for terms.

To filter out the noise of irrelevant tweets, try encasing your chosen search term or keyword in quotations marks, this makes your search a ‘phrase match’, rather like you find in google adwords.

twitter marketing research

This ensures your chosen search term only picks up tweets that contain the phrase and not just a random assortment of the words within it.

twitter marketing research

If you fancy your chances of getting the attention of some key influencers, work your way down the ‘top’ tweets page and get liking!

If you want to cast your net a bit wider, then click on to ‘latest’ to see everything in relation.

6. Use Twitter Analytics

Twitter analytics is a free and simple way to track how your content is performing. It gives you insight into key metrics like impressions, reach, link clicks and more.

twitter marketing analytics

It also allows you to measure how well your content is performing.

This is key to finding out which tweets and content varieties perform best for you, so you can then use the data to inform your content and strategies going forward.

You can't argue with data when you're looking at how to promote your small business on Twitter!


Implement any (or all!) of these simple and effective Twitter marketing tips for small businesses and you will most certainly start to reap the rewards.

Alongside other non social initiatives like improving organic click-through rates, Twitter marketing can be an impressive way to get more traffic flowing to your website.

There are 100's of Social Media growth tools out there, some of which cost the earth.

But why pay for it when you can learn how to get twitter followers and build your brand without spending a penny!

Happy Twittering!



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